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The Recording Connection in Maine is the most cutting edge audio engineering school in all of America. We prepare our students for the inevitabilities of the music production industry through a rigorous curriculum.

We teach every one of our students Nmore, Ableton, Logic, Reason, and Pro Tools. We want all of our students to be able to solve any creative problem that might arise. When you enroll in our music production school, you’ll be paired with a mentor who will help you navigate the rocky terrain that is the music industry. You can do this literally anywhere. Because we train our students in real recording studios, we can place you as an extern anywhere in Maine, whether it’s Portland, Bangor, or some other city or town.

The Recording Connection in Maine also prides itself on the fact that we keep our tuition at a reasonable level. We want our students to concentrate on the actual act of learning and honing their skills. We don’t want them worrying about paying back massive student loans.

The Recording Connection has an extremely high standard that our mentors must meet. We don’t just accept anyone into our program as an ambassador. We want the best of the best. Our mentors are world-class producers and engineers, many of whom have worked with your favorite bands and have Gold Records and Grammys on their shelves.

The Recording Connection knows that in a creative field there’s only really one thing that matters: connections. That’s why we place you in a real studio with real pros. Networking is key. Meeting people and forging relationships is key.

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