The Recording Connection in Minnesota is one of the most highly acclaimed audio engineering schools in the country. We prepare our students for a career in the music industry by placing them in real recording studios for one-on-one instruction with a working industry pro. We’ve found this is the best way to ensure that each of our students gets on the path to a bright and successful career.

The Recording Connection is located in nearly every city in Minnesota. Whether you’d like to go to school in Duluth, Mankato, Rochester or Minneapolis, we’ve got you covered. We’re the most recommended and most sought after school in the state.

The Recording Connection not only keeps you up to date with current trends by teaching you programs like Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools and Reason, but by placing you in a real recording studio, we also give you a place to display your talents. We set you up with a mentor who will bring you into the studio where he or she works, and put you to work there as an extern. You’ll be learning how the industry functions, and you’ll be making connections along the way. In the process, you’ll be gaining experience and making a name for yourself.

The Recording Connection’s tuition is always kept at a highly affordable rate. We pride ourselves on the fact that our students can graduate and not be wallowing in thousands of dollars in debt.

The music industry is in a current state of flux. So many recording labels and companies are working towards having more flexibility and fewer constraints. This means that due to advancements towards digital workspaces and less emphasis on physical locations, recording studios are popping up everywhere. They’re appearing all over the country because they no longer have to be on a coast. That’s why we can train you for the music industry right here in Minnesota—you don’t have to relocate to another state in order to learn the ropes.

At the Recording Connection, we put you in the midst of the recording industry from day one by putting you in a real recording studio, not in a classroom. You’ll be taught by a real music industry pro with real album credits, and you’ll have the chance to make vital connections along the way—connections that can advance your future career.

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