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The Recording Connection is the world’s foremost audio engineering school. We teach our students the most cutting edge skills and help them gain real recording studio experience by placing them in real recording studios in Mississippi (and everywhere else, for that matter). We understand that in a creative industry, connections are everything, and recording studios are the places where the connections are made.

We teach our students to be proficient in Logic, Reason, Pro Tools, Ableton, and other key software programs used in recording studios today. We teach you signal flow, mic placement, and mixing and mastering skills. We want our students to be well-rounded audio engineers when they graduate.

As a Recording Connection student, you’ll be placed into a real recording studio and taught everything you need to know about the audio engineering craft by a seasoned professional who has been working in the music industry for decades. We have found this method of experiential education to be leaps and bounds ahead of any other teaching method out there.

As an added benefit of our mentorship/real world experience model of education, we can set you up to go to audio engineering school in a real recording studio anywhere in Mississippi, whether it’s Jackson, Meridian, Columbus or some other town. We’ve got locations everywhere, and if we don’t have a location in the town or city where you want to study, we’ll install one.

In creative fields, connections mean everything. The only way to advance in a creative industry is to be meeting people and constantly advancing. We want you to be able to work your way up the chain of command from the inside. We want you to have the added benefit of being an insider. We want you to be one of the trained, experienced, people who is standing right next to the person doing the hiring saying, “Hey, I can do that.”

The music industry is a fast moving, constantly changing beast. That’s why we pair you with a mentor for on-the-job training. We want you to get in on the ground floor, with someone who has your back and will always tell you which pitfalls to avoid.

The Recording Connection in Mississippi is a stalwart hallmark of the audio engineering world. We want you to experience the success that past graduates have enjoyed.

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