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The Recording Connection in New York offers opportunities for up-and-coming audio engineers and music producers that no ordinary school can offer: the chance to extern with a world-class music producer or audio engineer in a top-level recording studio.

New York is one of the greatest hotbeds of creativity in the world. Individuals travel from all around the world to live in and experience the culture of New York. The Recording Connection capitalizes on the energy and interconnectedness of this city (and state) in order to help you make the most of your learning experience. You’ll be paired with a currently working audio engineer or music producer who will teach you the ways of your craft. You’ll be working and learning in the real world audio engineering and music production school alternative.

Our mentorships are based around genre. If you’re into rap or hip-hop, we’ll pair you with a producer who makes that type of music. If you’re into country, it’s the same thing. We tailor our curriculum and concentrations according to your needs and interests. We also make sure that all of our students learn Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, and Ableton, so they’ll be prepared for every hurdle they might have to jump.

The Recording Connection has locations in almost every city in New York. Whether you prefer to study in New York City itself, or in Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, Watertown or Syracuse, we have relationships with studios in all these citiess and can place you there as an extern. If we don’t have a location in the town where you live, we’ll set one up for you.

The music industry runs on connections. You need to know people in order to make things happen. You need to have a lot of connections to people in power. That’s one of the biggest things that the Recording Connection does for you. We put you in the same room with people that can make decisions. We get you in the door and help you make the contacts that you’ll need for a long and fruitful career.

Externship Locations in New York:

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