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Recording Connection Music Schools in North Dakota

The Recording Connection in North Dakota is the affordable and effective audio engineering school alternative in the state. Our unique training approach places you in a real North Dakota recording studio as an extern to be taught and mentored one-on-one by a real music producer or audio engineer. This gives you real-world experience and the chance to make connections that you won’t receive in any ordinary audio school.

North Dakota offers many Recording Connection locations. Whether you want to study in Bismarck or Fargo or even Minot, we can make it happen. We have audio engineering school locations (externship locations) in nearly every city, and if we don’t have one in your hometown, we’ll start one.

The Recording Connection functions with a uniquely branded externship approach. We want to our students to see what it’s really like to work in a recording studio. We also want them to make connections with individuals in positions of power so that when it comes time to hire, our students’ names are at the top of the short list.

The Recording Connection keeps its tuition extremely low so that individuals do not have to take out massive student loans in order attend. We want you to jumpstart your career, not get buried in dream-crushing student debt.

By training you in a real recording studio, we help you make connections with both working pros and people in positions of power. While you’re working with your mentor in a real studio, you’ll be meeting people who will one day be able to help you. That’s why it’s so important to work hard and put your best foot forward while you’re in the studio.

The Recording Connection in North Dakota is your gateway to the music recording industry. Many of our graduates go on to rewarding industry careers. Apply today, and let us help you pursue your dreams.

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