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Recording Connection Music Schools in South Dakota

The Recording Connection music schools in South Dakota is an effective and smart alternative to conventional audio engineering school in the state. We bypass the classroom completely, placing each of our students in real recording studios to extern with actual working music producers and audio engineers. We get you in the door of the music industry from day one, enabling you to gain real work experience and make valuable connections you’d never get in a classroom.

The Recording Connection pairs one student with one mentor. We start on a micro level. We want you to be able to work and learn from the ground up. We put you to work in a real recording studio, where your mentor will teach you everything there is to know about the world of audio engineering. Anyone who actually works in the music industry will tell you this is by far the most effective way to learn.

We teach our students all of the industry standard audio engineering software programs, including Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, and Nmore. We want our students to be fully prepared to work in any recording studio in the world.

Because we train our students in real recording studios, the South Dakota Recording Connection can place you in a studio near you, no matter where in SoDak you happen to live. From Rapid City to Sioux Falls, and anywhere in between, we can place you with a seasoned professional for on-the-job training. If there’s no Recording Connection location near you, we’ll open one.

The Recording Connection functions with a simple premise: connections are everything. We’ve seen it time and time again: connections are the only way that the aspiring audio engineer can fully transition into a successful career. That’s the main reason that we put you to work in a real recording studio. We want you to be meeting the people that you need to meet. We want you to be making a good impression on the people who will one day be able to help you get hired.

The Recording Connection is the best way to get your foot in the door. It’s the first step that you must take in order to be a successful producer or engineer.

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