People move from all over the country to live in California, following their dreams of becoming a successful music producer or audio engineer. They move to California wide-eyed and optimistic. What they don’t understand is that in order to break into the music business you need to know someone. You need to have connections.

The Recording Connection in California is a unique mentorship program that places you as an extern in an actual recording studio. It functions like an audio engineering school in that it prepares you for a career in the art of music production, teaching you Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic and Reason so that you’ll be able to work in any studio in the world. But it also gets you in the room with people who know people.

The Recording Connection was constructed to make sure that you’re able to get your foot in the door and jumpstart your career. We’re here to assist you in any and every way possible. We don’t want to burden you with massive amounts of debt. We want you to be able to become a successful audio engineer without having to worry about paying back thirty, forty, or fifty thousand dollars in school loans. That’s why we’ve structured our school so that it is affordable for everyone.

In the music business, everything runs on “who you know.” It’s all based on connections. At the Recording Connection, by training you in a real recording studio with a real producer/engineer, we get you in the room with as many professionals as possible. You’ll have access to your mentor, your mentor’s clients, and your co-workers. By the time your externship is over, you’ll basically be a California music industry insider.

We have Recording Connection audio engineering schools in practically every city in California. Whether you want to learn in San Diego or Los Angeles or San Francisco, it doesn’t matter to us. We’ll pair you with a working music industry pro regardless of where you live or want to live.

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