The Recording Connection is an audio engineering school that places maximum emphasis on the real-world application of skills and tangible connections to working industry professionals. Most music production schools only focus on the theoretical side of the craft and completely ignore the realities of the working world.

The Recording Connection in Hawaii takes extra care to ensure that all of our students are prepared to work in the music industry the second they graduate from our music production school. We teach our students Ableton, Logic, Reason, and Pro Tools (as available). We want to maximize your skills so you can be versatile, ready to work in any recording studio in the world.

The Recording Connection knows that industry connections are paramount to your success. You can’t make it in the music world, or any creative field for that matter, without connections. Getting your foot in the door and making those initial connections is the most difficult aspect of any career.

The Recording Connection in Hawaii keeps tuition costs low precisely so that you can focus on the business and creative side of starting a career. We don’t want our students sacrificing potential opportunities because they must work day jobs in order to pay off student loans. Being in a creative industry requires that you take chances. Being in debt requires that you play it safe most of the time. Well, we don’t want our students to play it safe. We want them to roll the dice.

The Recording Connection functions on an externship basis. We pair you with a mentor who is a currently working industry professional. As you extern with this person, you learn both how the industry functions and how to succeed within the rapidly changing music industry. You’ll meet people, learn your trade, and cement yourself within the industry. Regardless of where you live in Hawaii, we’ll be there to help you, placing you in a real recording studio near where you live.

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