The Recording Connection is an audio production school that specializes in training the next generation of audio engineers and music producers. We want you to be on the frontlines of music industry. We want you to be the next great music producer.

In order to prepare you for this task, we pair you with a mentor who will instruct you in the ways of the music industry. You’ll be learning the science behind the music that you love so much. You’ll be learning Ableton, Nmore, Pro Tools, Logic and Reason. You’ll also be making connections with people in positions of power, and you’ll be studying in a real studio.

The Recording Connection is located everywhere. We have school locations in most major cities across the union. Want to study in Twin Falls, Coeur d’Alene or in Boise, Idaho? We’ll set you up.

Idaho is a hustling, bustling hotbed of musical activity. There are many connections to be made. That’s why the Recording Connection is so helpful to individuals attempting to launch their career. We put you in the heart of the action.

The Recording Connection is also purposefully priced at an affordable rate because we want our students to be able to attend, regardless of what socio-economic background they’re from, and because we don’t want our students saddled with debt when they graduate. The Recording Connection in Idaho is a very special place. We make sure that you’re meeting the right people, making lasting connections, and building relationships that will inevitably turn into a career.

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