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The Recording Connection is a music production school that places emphasis on real-world experience and industry connections over classroom learning. We pair each of our students with a working industry professional who will mentor them and assist them in avoiding the pitfalls that so many stumble into.

The Recording Connection keeps tuition costs at a very affordable level to encourage individuals from all walks of life to apply to our school and to make sure that when our students leave, they’re not drowning in debt. We want our students to be risk takers, to be pioneers. We don’t want them to be concerned about paying back massive amounts of money.

The Recording Connection in Indiana makes sure that students are prepared for any and all creative hurdles. We instruct our students in the ways of Ableton, Logic, Nmore, Reason, and Pro Tools. We want our students to have a toolkit that is perfectly suited for any and all challenges.

The Recording Connection was established so our students could connect with individuals who are currently working within the industry. We want our students to make connections with people who will eventually be able to hire them or recommend them for employment.

The Recording Connation is the most cutting edge audio engineering school in all of Indiana. We have locations in Evansville, Lafayette, Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis and more. We are the school that makes sure that you’re trained, experienced, and connected within the industry by the time you graduate.

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